Snowy Days in Our Village

Friday, January 3, 2014

For the second time in the last week I hopped out of bed early enough to see the sun coming up and was completely awe struck at how magnificent the sunrise looked in the frozen sky, the way it illuminated the bare branches of the trees.  Like watching brush strokes of a painting.  On both occasions, I grabbed my jacket, camera and boots before I even had a chance to put on socks or change out of my pajamas.  Today was especially glorious because we had a snow fall the day before.  I begged and coerced Jimmy to take a very early morning walk around the block to admire the beauty with me.  He's not a morning person (I asked before he'd had his first cup of coffee, I should know better) nor is he a lover of chilly weather but he did it and it was lovely, cold, but lovely.

The last couple days our afternoons have been filled with snowman (or snow blob? you be the judge.) making, fort building and sledding.  The temperatures are about to dip into the single digits so I wanted to make sure we got in our share of snow play before it became unbearably and dangerously cold.  I took a few pictures each day. It is amazing how beautiful and different the streets look both mid-storm versus on a calm, clear, blue sky day, both equally enchanting, both equally fairytale like.  I'm so grateful to live where we do and I appreciate it every. single. day.


^^ a few big snowflakes inside too, in the form of vanilla marshmallows ^^

^^ pictures from during the snow storm. for the record, that was a walk I took alone. ha. ^^

^^I love seeing the flag flying against all the white ^^

^^ the village chapel^^

^^Goldilocks and the Three Bears or maybe Grandmother's house from Little Red Riding Hood? :)^^

A little snip-it of a wild afternoon of sledding...  I swear the trees weren't quite as close as they look... Not the best video, but it was the BEST hill!

Sledding from tessa on Vimeo.


  1. Snow is like icing on a cake, so beautiful. I love that you appreciate the beauty and charm of where you live. I too love small town life. I grew up in a place very similar to where you are and I miss it and the snow so much. Your blog is charming, you are a kindred spirit.

  2. Beautiful! It is just breathtaking! We don't get much snow here in Texas. We had an ice storm after Thanksgiving which is a big headache because the roads start out warm then freeze as black ice. Several years ago we did get a record 12 inches of snow in one day and it was beautiful! Our pets thought the world was coming to an end though! Tomorrow it will be 65 degrees and down into the teens by Monday night! Your entire village is beautiful!

  3. So beautiful! I'm pretty jealous of all the snow you are getting and I say this as it is in the high 70's here in CA. Everything just looks much prettier in a blanket of white plus all the being stuck at home and having to slow done just seems perfect as well. Enjoy!

  4. So beautiful and idyllic. Here in Mass, there was a lot of snow but it didn't sit on the trees the "pretty" way.

  5. So picturesque! What a lovely place to live. :) Love the video!! :D

  6. This is insanely gorgeous!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

  7. It looks beautiful! I always get excited when I drive around and see that kids have built snowmen :-)


  8. What a lovely place to live! Looks magical. Happy New Year!

  9. Like a slice of heaven. Just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland with us!

  10. Your images are gorgeous - so still and serene. We had cold, rainy dreary weather in NC - none of the beautiful snow. Stay warm!!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!! I am sooo jealous. My Christmas decorations are still up so that I can take a photograph of the house decorated for Christmas in snow...but it is not likely to happen anytime soon...boohoo. Your town looks like a winter wonderland. :)

  12. Wow, you live in an absolutely gorgeous place! Even more so in the snow. I really enjoyed this post.

    And the snowman looks adorable! Not a blob at all. My 4yo & I made one yesterday. We gave it eyes of dried, dead flowers. :)

    Happy New Year!


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